Welcome! My desire is to give you hope & encouragement along this journey!


-Leann Conner



About Me


   Hey there, I’m Leann! Thanks for stopping by. My husband, Braden, and I have 2 beautiful daughters with another one on the way! WE also pastor an incredible church in midland, texas - renew life church. we are passionate about seeing people truly come to know jesus and the life they can have through him. Worship ministry has been my life – I started singing at age 7 when my mom heard me in the shower belting out Amy Grant! I’ve been a worship leader from about the age of 14, and we launched our church in august of 2013. we are truly humbled at what god has done and continues to do in our lives!

 A little of my history in a nutshell… when I was 22 and married less than a month, my entire family – mom, dad and brother - died in a tragic plane crash. My life was shattered, broken…I was done. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever be normal or happy again. Very long story short, God has done a miracle in my life and in my heart…putting back the pieces again and rearranging my perspective in so many ways. God has been so good and faithful to me, and I can’t wait to share with you some of what has made me who I am today and hopefully encourage you in your own journey.



About the Blog


   I’ve fought this. Like, really fought doing this. Who needs another blog, another voice to listen to? What else is there to say? Who even has the time to read anymore? These have been a few of the sentences rolling through my mind over the last two years as I’ve begun to sense God leading me to write. "God, don’t you know that no one really knows me? And what do I even have to offer?" He has softly answered my insecurities each time with a reminder that I’m the only me. Very deep, I know. But I’m the only one with my experiences, and I so desire to pass them along to you to bring you hope. If I can bring you any faith, any encouragement, any truth for you to apply to your life right now, then I will have done my job!